Tansian University Disclaimer

The attention of the Management of Tansian University, Umunya has been drawn to the advertisements in which candidates are being invited to register for exams and apply for scholarship at the “Tansian University Tutorial Service (TUTS)”.

The advertisement is through the internet, phone calls, text messages (SMS), emails and fliers providing information about Tansian University Tutorial Service (TUTS) to unsuspecting candidates. They operate with the fraudulent website, www.tansianuniversitygreentutsedu.com.

The University Management wishes to inform the general public that our University has NOT established any Tutorial Service anywhere in the Country. Persons or group therefore patronizing or dealing with such Tutorial Services do so at their own risk.

In addition, kindly note that the University has no knowledge of the existence of any Tutorial Service and has NOT in any time commissioned any person or agency to run any Tutorial Service. Persons or groups desirous of information about Tansian University, Umunya are advised to visit the official website of the School, www.tansianuniversity.edu.ng.

Authorities of these Tutorial Services are advised to desist from using the name of Tansian Uiversity, Umunya to defraud the public. The Management of Tansian University, Umunya would not watch the corporate image of the University dented by any individual or groups.