The University Health Center provides preventive ad curative care to all students and staff of Tansian University. To achieve these, there is need for the past medical history of the students to be recorded during registration at the Health Centre. This is to maintain a bridge between medical care at home, and the University Health Centre.


Tansian University Health Center

  1. It is compulsory and a pre-condition for admittance into the hall of residence for all students to register with the University Health Centre.
  2. A student may receive medical treatment at the University Health Centre, only after registration.
  3. At registration, every student is expected to complete a form containing his or her biodata, previous illnesses, drug history including drug reactions and the address of next of kin.
  4. New students are also expected to produce a recent x-ray of the chest, two passports size photographs, and then undergo a full medical examination with laboratory tests.
  5. After registration, every student is giving clinic card. This card should be produced at every clinic visit.

Services Rendered by the Health Centre

  1. Pre-admission and medical examination of students.
  2. Health education for students, and the entire University Community.
  3. Family planning services.
  4. Environmental sanitation, refuse collection, disposal and inspection of food vendors.
  5. Vaccination against major infectious diseases and injuries.
  6. Fertility and life awareness education
  7. Diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and injuries
  8. Laboratory services.