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Tansian University Library

Tansian University, a growing tertiary institution is stocked with collections of periodicals, publication, books and journals in the Natural Sciences, Management Sciences, Humanities, Engineering and Technology publications, and other disciplines. These materials can be accessed online.
The library is manned by the University Librarian and other qualified professionals whose responsibilities are to assist readers in locating needed information as quickly as possible as well as to bring newly published information to the attention of readers.


a. Internet Services: There is an Internet Services Librarian whose responsibility is to assist users in exploring opportunities of the virtual library to the fullest. Many work stations dedicated exclusively to the Internet section for purely academic assignments are available. Internet browsing of general purpose or leisure is available in the Institution’s Central Cyber Café etc.

b. Document Delivery Services (D.D.S.): Document delivery services involving photocopies of journals, articles, books and other materials can be made for readers at a reasonable cost. Photocopies of materials not available in the library can be obtained for readers from other institutions holding them through inter library networking. Request for document delivery services should be made to the Reference Librarian at reasonable cost.

c. Reserved Books: A few copies of vital reading texts are shelved in the main library. Such books however can only be consulted in the library, Consult the appropriate librarian for this.

Click Here To Access The Tansian University E-Library