Tansian University Radio (107.1 FM) streams from the state-of-the-art Mass Communication studio of Tansian University. The studio is designed for the practical education of Mass Communication students of Tansian University.

The Mass Communication Studio consist of;

Tansian University Radio

  • Television Studio
  • Radio studio
  • Public relation & advert laboratory
  • News & editing laboratory
  • Photo & Graphic studio

The studios are well equipped and functional. The radio studio known as “Tansian Campus Radio” it has a coverage of about 50km radius within Anambra state and beyond on frequency (107.1) MHZ. The campus Radio station is experimenting the integration with web-based forms of radio broadcasting, pod-casting and FM broadcasting. The programming is produced primarily by Mass Communication students of Tansian University and other volunteers who are students or staff of Tansian University and members of the community at large. The primary role of the radio station is to provide a training ground for students in Mass Communication. The radio station also provide her audience with alternative programming include; music, especially campus music exclusive to Tansian Campus Radio, in-depth spoken word programming and other formal educational programming.

It is our hope that the radio station will be a source of inspiration for all who are concerned with how people respond to mass media as cultural phenomena, for many today, ‘culture’ is largely a matter of electronically mediated culture. The campus radio link up the University and other marginalized groups with the new information technologies. It offers students the avenue to discuss prospects and share experiences of their educational efforts, provide timely information & allow networking with other University communities.