Anoh, Joy OdinakaAnoh, Joy Odinaka, B.Sc Economics
Studying at Tansian University give students the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from dozens of different backgrounds. Not only did we learn to communicate with people better in terms of language, but also in terms of behaviour. There’s no doubt that working with such a diverse student body prepares its students for their future careers.


Edidiong EkpaEdidiong Ekpa, B.Sc. Computer Science
The environment, spending time with my friends from all over the world and developing long lasting relationships. I had some awesome teachers that had the knowledge and work experience that challenged our minds, and staff were very friendly and always willing to help out.


Okoro ChiomaOkoro Chioma, B.Sc Business Administration
It's about knowledge, perspective, motivation and the determination to do something different. At the top of the pyramid, lies an entrepreneur - a visionary of different ideas and industries, and with academia, creativity, values and conviction, Tansian makes it happen.


Akam, B. EkeneAkam, B. Ekene, B.Sc. Political Science
Tansian University built my leadership skills and reaffirmed my self-confidence and knowledge. At Tansian University we share similar interests and values with other students, regardless of nationalities, religion and political views. Tansian University was a family of students.


Tonia OffiaTonia Offia, B.Sc. Political Science
Tansian University has an extremely diverse atmosphere fit for excellent academic pursuit. Mixing with people from different cultural backgrounds automatically makes you more open-minded. You learn to understand different ways of thinking.


Emeka OtibaEmeka Otiba, B.Sc Accounting
Attending Tansian University was a truly holistic experience. I also had really great tutorials, very encouraging. The Lecturers are open with all the students, including myself, and willingly went the extra mile to explain theories to us as well as guiding us through the practical sessions. It can be emotionally taxing, so great lecturers and a beautiful campus made everything much easier to learn and to be learned.


Pastor Nath EkehPastor Nath Ekeh, B. Sc. Business Administration
Tansian University was simply awesome. I really enjoyed certain courses with great lecturers who shared their professional experience. I have kept close connections with a few of my peers we become great friends since and we very often exchange business ideas, processes and visions of our current situations – it is always constructive to have a close sparring partner to exchange with! Tansian is great!


Mbanefo, Maureen ChinenyeMbanefo, Maureen Chinenye, B.Sc, Mass Communication
I loved my time at Tansian University – the atmosphere, the friends I made with my fellow students, the close relationships I developed with tutors. Last but not least, every single day I truly appreciate the stunning location of the school.


Ezinne ChiomaEzinne Chioma
When I think back to my years at Tansian University, I remember how excited I was to study in such a dynamic University. At Tansian, I was surrounded by progressive students and professors who pushed me into a new headspace and during my studies I made the conscious decision to absorb as much of this creative energy as I could. Some of the best memories from my studies were being a part of projects that got students out into the community and interacting with people. Not only did we have a lot of fun, we created work that we were proud of and that helped us to really prepare for life after university.


Yambasu Alfred EdeYambasu Alfred Ede
I have so many great memories from my studies in Tansian University. From the great friends that I made to the techniques I learned in each of my classes. It great opportunity being in Tansian.


Patience ChijiokePatience Chijioke, B.Sc. Banking and Finance
One of the things I loved most about Tansian University was the entrepreneurial spirit. Several off my classmates was already working on their own start-Sups. Many of my professors had backgrounds from entrepreneurship and they would always take the time to discuss and give me advice concerning my business. The entrepreneurial spirit is definitely present in many of the courses as well.