Tansian University calls for Government support

The founder of Tansian University Anambra Umunya, Very Rev. Monsignor Prof John Bosco Akam, call for government at all levels support for Private owned Universities in the country today .

In an exclusive interview, the founder, "There is something bizarre in Nigeria, I give constructive criticism and not destructive criticism, I criticize so as to build, not to destroy, Its disheartening that private university that is capital intensive is been established, and the government gives nothing, not even a kobo to Private Universities". Furthermore he emphasized that Private University students are Nigerians, "majority of our students are Nigerians even if we have few foreigners among us, Why is it that the government does not consider citizens that will become governors, legislators and president tomorrow? I know that government have right and the capacity to give to private and state universities, but why don’t they give even 1000 naira to private university, These things beat my imagination" he said.

Saying futher that, in European countries such as Germany, Austria and Britain, the government give subvention to Private universities, but here in Nigeria we have nothing of such and up till now we have got nothing.

He described the University as the only private owned University that make provision for physically challenged student, not faith based institution, and also becoming the best University in Africa.

The Founder prayed that, the Government will have a change of mind and give some subvention to Private Universities, because we help to create job and also raise the student that will pilot the affairs of the country in time to come.

He Implore Government to sponsor even in a miniature scale, it may not be as the quid pro quo in line with what they give Government Universities.